Friday, March 24, 2006

BPM Magazine Feel the Funk

Hey peoples,

Just thought you'd like to see how much the love of funk is spreading. American music bible BPM has carioca funk on the front cover this month.

Elle J x

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sandrinho at Favela Chic, London TONIGHT!

Just a quickie... the almighty DJ Sandrinho has flown in from Brazil and will be down at east London's trendy new Brazilian hangout, Favela Chic... tonight! So get your glad rags on and get your booty shaking to my favourite Rio funk DJ's beats.

And all y'all late-nighters need to get your butts in gear as the venue opens at 6pm, shuts at 1am and entry is limited. It won't cost you anything to get in, but you MUST get down there early to guarantee entry.

Favela Chic London
91- 93 Great eastern Street EC2
Tube: Old Street

Tel: 020 7613 5228

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

DJ Sandrinho & MC Xana

A version of the article below is currently in the new issue of Dazed & Confused magazine. Go buy it... the mag's got a cool new look too x

Dirty Beats, Filthy Lyrics
Words by Elle J Small

Meet two of the biggest international movers on Rio’s baile funk scene.

“My first baile funk (funk ball) was at Praça Seca, near the favela (ghetto) Cidade de Deus (City of God). I was 14 and the enormous energy of the music conquered me. I became addicted.” That was 11 years ago. Today, you can find sexy Brazilian MC Xana shaking her perfect ass the world over. You could call her the Queen of Rio Funk and her partner in crime, producer/ DJ Sandrinho, the King. They’ve certainly already claimed those titles when it comes to international recognition, love and respect.

During December 05 the pair bestowed their fanny-thrusting beats and naughty lyrics on a rapid-growing fanbase across Zurich, Berlin, Munich, Paris and London. The venues were a far cry from Rio de Janeiro’s 500+ sprawling, underground bailes the duo normally frequent, but Sandrinho says as long as the “heated dancing and screaming” are present, it’s all good.

Born and bred in Rio’s violent favela do Borel, Sandrinho started DJing aged 10, after seeing his older brother, DJ Sapopemba, mix live at a local baile. He recently played funk (derived from Miami bass, samba, candomblé, capoeira, house and electro) to 10,000 in Sao Paulo and is considered one of the scene’s biggest DJs and producers. The exact level of his skills became clear after he caused south-London grime DJ Cheeky to pick his jaw off the floor during Sandrinho’s marathon set at London night Rio Rox. Innovatively using an MPC to create live drumbeats during his mix, Sandrinho is in a class of his own.

And Xana? Well, her name translates as ‘Pussy’ and she says, “Brazilians are shameless… in the best sense.” The sexual, gyrating dance-moves she executes during her sets back this up. Say no more.

· Look out for forthcoming releases by Sandriho & Xana on Berlin’s Man Recordings

More Rio funk block-rockers

Producer/ DJ: Marlboro- considered funk’s pioneer, responsible for the first commercial release, has a huge radio show and helped compile ‘Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats’ (Essay).

MC: Frank- has a huge underground following, manages to somehow describe robbing somebody intelligently and charismatically through his lyrics and simulates sex during his sets.

Producer/ DJ: Sany Pitbull- respected member of the scene, huge in both underground bailes and downtown clubs. Google and translate the site for his interesting column.

Words by Elle J Small