Monday, February 06, 2006

EDU K 'Sex-O-Matic'/ Baile Funk Video Clip

I'm toooo naughty. Been busy sunning my buns in Barbados and haven't been updating the blog as often of late. Sorry peeps. Got loads of interesting bits to post v soon though.

In the meantime, you've got to check this cheeky little video clip Daniel Haaksman sent me. It's in one of Brazil's countless funk bailes (balls)and features death by rump-shaking. I'm sure a few guys out there can think of worse ways to die!

The track in the background is 'Sex-O-Matic' by punk/funk man EDU K (recently signed to Man Recordings) and features the infamous female MC Deize (pronounced ‘Daisy’) Tigrona, who hails from Rio’s renowned favela City Of God. There's some bad boy remixes from DJ Mavi & DJ Sany, plus DJ Edgar too. Check out my full review in the next issue of Blues & Soul, UK.

Ciao for now x