Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Funk Music Recommendations

Soooo.... Here are my reviews of the music streams (featured in www.fmagazine.com) that you can listen to in my below post. More music recommendations coming soon. These are international releases but still top notch and very underground. Most 'proper' fresh funk music can only be purchased in the favelas in Rio. Anyone for a holiday?


Mixed by Tetine…
‘Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca'
Mr Bongo

“What the hell is funk carioca?” you’re probably asking. Well, it’s the dirty bass-driven, dance music straight out of Brazil’s Rio ghettos, or favelas as they’re commonly known. Some say funk carioca stems from Miami bass, others say it’s an immaculate conception from the streets of Rio. Wherever it came from, the sound is rapidly spreading out of Rio’s favelas, into trendy Brazilian sound-systems and across the globe. This superb introduction to funk carioca is compiled and mixed by Tetine. The nutty, electronica-loving Brazilian duo who today reside in good old east London and can be held responsible for bringing funk carioca (or Rio funk as it is sometimes called) to the UK. Like Marmite, you’ll either love it or hate. F are head-over-heels in love.

T1: Os Salientes: ‘Fofucha Preparada’
While 80’s acid house ravers will be able to relate to the wonderfully basic beats, you’ll need an English-Portuguese dictionary to understand what on earth this is about. We don’t care though. Quite simply, it’s bloody brilliant.

T6: Deise Tigrona: ‘Injecao’
Like the UK’s grime genre and America’s crunk, Brazil’s funk is both extremely underground and nearly totally masculine. So it’s a breath of fresh favela air to hear a female vocal. She’s not exactly Aretha, but that’s not what carioca funk is about.

T9: Cidinho & Doca: ‘Rap Da Felicidade’
You’ll find ridiculously out-of-tune vocals, just like these, all over carioca funk. What’s amazing is they actually work really well. How or why, we’re not quite sure; they just do. The melodies may not be for everyone, but we love ‘em.

T16: Gaiola das Popozudas: ‘Vai Danada’
You’re mum will scream, “What’s that ruddy racket?” and your mates will think you’ve gone mental when you starting belting this out of your system. Go nick some candy and let your teeth rot. This is 100% for the big kid in you.

Various… Rio Baile Funk
‘Favela Booty Beats’
Essay recordings

We’re good to you aren’t we? Been boogying around your office to Mr Bongo’s Slum Dunk compilation and caught the funk bug? Well, here’s a further education into the world of Rio funk. Weirdly enough this speaker-smashing bad-boy comes from a German label! Well, it’s not that weird really. It’s compiler, Daniel Haaksman, is a DJ and journalist, based in Berlin. Daniel spent several weeks partying (hard, by the sounds of things) in Brazil’s notorious baile funk parties, deep in the depths of the favelas (ghettos/shanty towns). He then went on a mission to hunt down the biggest and baddest tracks. This is the result.

T4: Os Tchutchucos: ‘Chapa Quente’
One minute you’re meandering along on a gondolier, the next you’re bang smack in the middle of a favela funk party. Then you’re back on the boat being serenaded by an accordion. Madness.

T6: MC Mascote: 'Bate Le Palme De Mao'
Murky and frightening, this joint will hide down a dark alley and jump you for your I-pod just when you think the coast is clear. UK Undergrounders: can you hear the scary resemblance to grime?

T12: MCs Nadinho & Beth: 'Tapinha'
Take one drum and a crazed dude who shouts a lot and you’ve got the intro to ‘Tapinha’. Next take a whining girl (who sounds like she’s about 11 years-old) and a dodgy PC with kiddie music software. Hey presto, you’ve got a superb Rio funk tune.

T13: SD Boys: 'Planta Dominado'
Possibly the biggest and baddest of the compilation, this tune screams, “Rave! Rave or die!” Could this be the most urgent piece of production ever made? Quite possibly. Do you hate it or love it? That’s the most important question. We love it!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Listen To Funk Music Here

As promised, here are some places you can listen to funk on the net.

The first link is to three of my favourite tracks from the 'Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats' album, compiled by Daniel Haaksman, on German label Essay Recordings:


The second is to three of my favourite tracks from the 'Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca', mixed by Tetine, on the UK label Mr Bongo:


If you have any problems with these links, just go to www.fmagazine.com and you will find the albums in the 'underground' section.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Brazil's favelas (ghettos)

Hi people,

Feeling like shite right about now. Typing this with a box of Kleenex attached to my head... reckon it's a combo of all that late-night flyering in the UK's freezing cold and post RIO ROX party exhaustion.

Anyhoo, I promised I'd tell you more about how bailes funk (funk balls/parties) work . When my article is printed in RWD mag, I will post the wordage up here. In the meantime to fully understand funk, you must know about the favelas (ghettos). I'm sure a lot of you already know about them, but just in case.

Here's a very short piece of info on favelas that I find pretty accurate after being there. Of course, essay after essay could be written about favelas and this is just a taster:


I took the pic above in Rio when I was there in January this year. This is a snapshot of just one of Rio's estimated 700 favelas. In case you just blinked... that's 700 favelas in Rio alone! More pics to follow of my recent visit (once I get a chance to bloody print em)

Peace x

Monday, December 05, 2005

Off Tha Richter!

Oh me gosh! How good was last night? Too bloody good, judging by my blisters and lack of vocalness today.

Big thanks to all who reached. The vibe was wicked. Shouts out to all the sexy, booty-shaking Brazilians... you guys showed us Brits a thing or two on the dance floor. Loved that British-Brazilian-Spanish sandwich at the end! Phew. I'm gettin all hot under the collar just thinking about it!

Nuff respect goes out to the amazing capoeira martial artists/dancers who came down and freestyled some serious moves. You guys are MASSIVE!

BIG, BIG PROPS to the one and only DJ SANDRINHO for his mad mixing skills and crazy live drum beats on the MPC. You're my DJ! BIG, BIG PROPS to the sexiest female MC to walk this earth, XANA. You go girl! Every British man was asking me if you're bum was real! The Baile Funkers Sandrinho and Xana flew in to London from Rio via gigs in Berlin, Munich, Paris and more and were STILL smiling after about 2 hours sleep in 7 days! Love your vibe.

A HUGE thanx to my UK family... DJ CUTLASS SUPREME, you are, quite frankly, a BAD BOY! You guys have to check him out at his 'BOUNCE! night, down at Bar Rumba, Shaftsbury Avenue, London W1. He plays down there with Deekline & Wizard and loads of other big names on the first Saturday of every month. Miami Bass, Booty Breaks, Crunk, Grime and even a little Baile Funk. Check: www.wideadventure.com

NUFF LOVE goes to the wicked DJ CHEEKY who mashed up some grime and bumping underground sounds B2B with Sandrinho on the decks. They're not ready! And thank you, Cheeky, for bringing down your lyrical b-boys MC MEGA (South Agents) and MC DESPERADO (South Soldiers). You lot were heavy! Love the fact that Mega and Deperado were bubbling over baile funk beats... some MCs are too narrow-minded to do that crazy shit... not you two. BAD!

Last but by no way least, a HUGE thank you goes out to Brazil-bred, UK-based baile punk funk duo TETINE. You came down and represented last minute and you were too cool for words. I love your vibe. You're my kinda people! Check: www.tetine.net for their crazy adventures.

Thousands of kisses and hugs to all my people who came down and represented. Too many names to mention, but you all know who you are! You lot are wicked. I know many of you are all feeling like shit today and sitting at your desks, cursing me... but it was worth it, wasn't it?!!!

Finally, a massive thanks to EDZY from the SOHO SOCIAL CLUB for being probably the friendliest and coolest club manager in the world. You're bar staff are tops too. And of course DEEKLINE and SI from WIDE... I owe you two a JD and a bifter!

None of this could have happened without the love, dedication and sleepless nights spent (designing the flyer, driving around London like a nutter and generally being a trouper) by the sexiest man in the world, SIMON HALL. I love you babes. And the hardest working woman in the music industry (asides from myself), ADRIANA PITTIGLIANI... You're the best filha da puta ever! UK people, get ready for this lady! X

Finally... yes, I know I've said that a few times already, but I mean it this time... finally, thanks to all the lovers of Rio baile funk out there. We're gonna make this shit international people!

Check back for photos soon xxx

Friday, December 02, 2005

RIO ROX party flyer front

RIO ROX party flyer back


At...The Soho Social Club,
139 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1

Because I've just got back from raving hard to Rio baile funk music in Brazil and want to spread the love!

This is a one-off baile funk night with DJs from Brazil and the UK. Baile funk is the soundtrack to Rio's favelas (ghettos)... think City of God meets miami bass. Rio Rox will play a mixture of baile funk (nothing like normal James Brown funk!), electro, miami bass, grime and dirty underground sounds.

DJ Sandrinho & MC Xana (flying in from Brazil, playing baile funk, female MC!)
DJ Cutlass Supreme & MC Hyperactive (from the UK, playing miami bass, booty shaker and ghetto tech)
DJ Cheeky, MC Jammer & MC Skepta (playing grime and underground UK sounds)
Tetine (London-based Brazilian duo playing a live set of punk funk carioca)

Where? The Soho Social Club, 139 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1 (below Gama restaurant, opposite The Ship pub)

When? This Sunday 4th December

Time? 8pm till late

How much? Just £3 all night! Come on... it's only three squid!

Tube: Tottenham Court Road or Piccadilly Circus